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Autumn Lozano
by Angie Mott 

Another Injection

    Wordiness and predictable rhymes may place a veil over this song that says “Keep moving”, but a closer listen will reveal something more. A song about surviving hurdles and learning from past mistakes if you really want to, all with the help of a metaphorical injection that makes things seem OK.

Fall From Heaven
    If you feel like you’ve heard this song before, it’s only because it’s catchy enough to stick in your head as soon as the first time you hear it. This heavily guitar-driven number reminds you what its like to want to be with someone so badly, you’d do anything to make it happen. It’s not a new story, but the moving melody matched with Autumn’s ease of delivery brings a fresh spin to a well-known theme.

It’s All Right With Me
    It can be hard to admit that a relationship has come to an end, but this song is a reminder that sometimes it’s alright to let go, as long as it comes after a little bit of gentle pleading. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself it's all right in an effort to make yourself believe it.

Love Somebody

    This song would be tongue in cheek if it didn’t make so much sense. “Well I got you right where I want you/safe and sound locked up in my room.” A clever way to test the old adage “If you love someone, you have to set them free” by proposing exactly the opposite, driven by a fun and upbeat rock backdrop.

Strip Me Down
    The album’s title track features a melodic chorus that will stick with you long after the final notes. Confusion floods this song both in theme and lyrical content, but it works. The notion that sometimes you just have to take everything away and start from scratch is a sentiment that will be appreciated by many.

I Take It All Back
    “When did I become not good enough for you” An all too familiar memory of lost love followed by the something that we all wish we could say at the end of a failed relationship—“When I said I loved you, I take it all back.” The presentation of undeniable anger backed by an amazingly calm quality makes this a song about empowerment.

You Take Too Much
    Opens with vocals that border on having a jazzy quality that brings a different feel from every other song on the album. The light vocals that continue on throughout the song bring a refreshing lift to a song about someone taking what they want from you without giving much back in return.

Her Long, Long Hair
    This song conveys a story that can be universally appreciated -- The torment you feel when you push away someone you love only to have them fall for an upgrade of you…someone who will not easily be forgotten. This is a beautiful number about regret and the painful realization that having more fish in the sea does not always work to your benefit.

Love To Be Loved By You
    A genuine love song posing the idea that love is as vital as breath. This song is about the kind of unconditional love that everyone is seeking – the kind that continues even when you don’t trust yourself and put it to the test.

All That I Need
            This hard-driving rocker will get you up and dancing.  “My hands are raw…my knees are torn…and every single part of me is worn.  “Sometimes a simple hesitation can be all the motivation that I need.”  Great party song!

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