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While there is no shortage of young, edgy, female singer-songwriters hitting the commercial music scene these days, it does take something special to get yourself noticed among the crowd. Whatever it is, Autumn Lozano offers that "something". She doesn't sing about drug addiction, her crushes on bad boys or anything else that could be conceived as contrived or forced.

Rather, her straightforward and insightful lyrics weave stories about the realities of life and love that everybody can relate to. And because she wrote each of the tracks on her debut album, you can believe that they mean something to her as well. Void of the oft overused producing bells and whistles that smother a lot of musical authenticity, the true nature of Autumn's talent shines through in her vocals and lyrical statements. In other words, voice effects and synthesizers are not a part of her repertoire. Autumn brings music back down-to-earth and reminds us what being real is all about.

listen title album length price buy song
Fall From Heaven Fall From Heaven 03:44 99¢
Love To Be Loved By You Fall From Heaven 04:12 99¢
Another Injection Fall From Heaven 03:47 99¢
Strip Me Down Fall From Heaven 03:25 99¢
It's All Right With Me Fall From Heaven 03:36 99¢
I Take It All Back Fall From Heaven 04:09 99¢
Love Somebody Fall From Heaven 03:54 99¢
You Take Too Much Fall From Heaven 03:55 99¢
Her Long, Long Hair Fall From Heaven 04:05 99¢
All That I Need Fall From Heaven 03:45 99¢
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