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Welcome to the official web site of pop singer and songwriter Autumn Lozano. Autumn's simple but insightful lyrics weave stories about the realities of life and love that everybody can relate to. So sit back, relax, and explore the site to learn more about Autumn and her compelling new performances. listen to music

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Watch "Fall From Heaven" Autumn's uncut video. A touching and up-beat video performance by Autumn. watch the video!

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All of my songs play on iPod or any standard MP3 player. All songs are .99 cents each. read my faq

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listen title album length price buy song
Fall From Heaven Fall From Heaven 03:44 99¢
Another Injection Fall From Heaven 03:47 99¢
Love To Be Loved By You Fall From Heaven 04:12 99¢
Strip Me Down Fall From Heaven 03:25 99¢
It's All Right With Me Fall From Heaven 03:36 99¢

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